Þóra Helgadóttir


Þóra Helgadóttir - Guide

When Þóra finished her guiding diploma 10 years ago, we called ourselves lucky to get her on our team. Þóra has extensive knowledge about everything related to Iceland and Icelandic people. In addition to being a great cook, she is a pleasure to travel with. She has a bad case of the mountain bug - a disease that requires you to spend as much time as you can in the highlands. You might find Þóra on any one of our trekking or backpacking tours in Iceland or Greenland.

Reviews from Clients

  • "Our guide was AMAZING!! She created a fun environment and the group bonded nicely. I was a little nervous about some parts (like the river crossing), but she made me feel safe and at the end I even enjoyed them. Moreover, she was knowledgeable and available to answer questions". Alice, Italian but living in Canada

  • "Thora was fantastic, patient, knowledgeable, good stories, great job at getting the whole group to work together well. Very impressed".

  • "Thora is an amazing guide who's passionate about the outdoors"