Adventurer of the Week: George Does the Glacier!

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George Turner

Our “Adventurer of the Week” series features individuals that were inspired to make every moment an experience in Iceland by going out on epic tours with us that allowed them to interact with nature.


This week, we were joined by George, an award-winning wildlife photographer and film maker that has visited iceland many times. He travels all over the world, but keeps coming back to Iceland. George joined us for a glacier walk in Skaftafell and told us all about why he loved it so much.


What motivated you to visit Iceland?

I was attracted to the ethereal landscapes, the mythology and the viking history of the country. Almost everything you see and touch is amazing. The delicateness and fragility of the environment, like the moss and lava fields, everything just look and felt really primeval, and when I got there, I wasn’t wrong.


How long was your stay? Did you travel solo or with a group?

I stayed for 13 days (this time, I have now visited Iceland many times) , and I came with my friend Lloyd.

George Turner

What tour did you take and why did you choose it?

I chose the Blue Ice Experience, which saw us walking on Svínafellsjökull for 2 hours. After seeing the photos on the Icelandic Mountain Guides Instagram, it just looked like the right tour for me because I was with a friend who had never been glacier walking before and I wanted to show him the wonders of iceland’s glaciers without putting too much strain on him. 

George Turner

What is one thing you will always remember about your tour?

One of the most amazing things for me was to see first-hand, and to have so evident how the geology has affected the landscape in Iceland, especially towards the bottom of the glacier, like the moraine with all of the sand. From a photographic point of view, the epic crevasses create some awesome perspective. Lastly, the knowledge, experience and attention to safety of the guide made everyone feel very much at ease.

George Turner

What is something that you learned about Iceland that surprised you?

Iceland is the of the only countries in the world where the glaciers come all the way down to sea level. To reach a glacier anywhere else usually requires a lot of effort. Also, the guide surprised us with a lot of interesting facts, like the fact that the ice has gas trapped in it, and by stepping on the ice we are releasing ancient gas into the atmosphere. These kinds of things make you feel small.

If you had more time in Iceland, what else would you like to see and do?

If I came back to Iceland, I would love to summit the highest peak, Hvannadalsnúkur, with Icelandic Mountain Guides of course, and I would like to do more in the Highlands. I need to go Askja, I’m dying to go there!

George Turner

What tips do you have for people who want to visit Iceland?

First and foremost, respect the landscape. If you respect the landscape, the landscape will respect you back. My second tip would be to stay on the legal roads: not all of the “tracks” that you see going off in a particular direction are part of the world network.

George Turner

If you describe your tour in two words, what would they be?

Absolutely enchanting

What adventure are you off to next? What is your next dream adventure?

I'm in Zambia at the moment filming African WIld Dogs. Not sure what the future holds, but hopefully something fun and interesting.

You siimply must see some of George's wildlife photograpahy, it's truly fantastic! Check out his Instagram too, he's always updating it with awesome shots from his epic adventures. 

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Joseph Mattos-Hall

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