An Enchanted Ice Cave in Iceland

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Björgvin Hilmarsson

Iceland is truly a magical place. This island is filled with blue mountains, glacial rivers, black beaches and inspirational wilderness – and yet there are even more beautiful sights  that few get to set their eyes on. Perhaps we should be thankful that these gems remain hidden as they are precious and we must do our best to preserve our secrets.

But we will let you in on our secret.

Björgvin Hilmarsson

Hidden in the deep wilderness, nestled under the slopes of Mýrdalsjökull and Katla volcano, is a secret cave. Behind the wheel of our Super-Jeep, we drive across the endless snowy desert, surrounded by mountains carved by the glacier millennia ago. At the end of the horizon, we find our cave: a gateway into the world of ice and frost, colored by the brightest and cleanest hues of blue, turquoise and frosty white.

Seeing is believing.

The thundering silence on the glacier just adds to the beauty.The only thing to be heard on your march towards the secret cave is the sound of your steps in the snow. The arch of the opening of the cave is like an entrance to wonderland. The towering ice walls tell us the stories of the glacier, as we can see the lines of each eruption of the past in the ice wall. The glacier is very much alive – and so is our secret ice cave.

The experience of walking through the ice cave is a personal journey for each individual. Listen to the wind bashing the walls or the sun melting the ice,  drops of water dripping on our helmets. Deep at the end of the cave, you have a kaleidoscopic view to a natural skylight – a glimpse of the blue sky above while standing inside the glacier.
We also get to tip-toe through the cave and even walk through one of the openings, climbing up a slope to stand on top of the cave. The breathtaking view of the vast wilderness around cannot be put into words. To be able to stand on the top of the cave and gaze over the kingdom and behold the pristine beauty around us is truly a gift.

Björgvin Hilmarsson

Join us now – see the glaciers while you can

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Inga Þórunn Waage

Inga Þórunn Waage

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