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More than a Diamond in the Rough

As the long days of summer slowly give way to the arctic winter nights, one thing is for certain; the glaciers of Iceland begin their transition to show off some of their most impressive features: Ice Caves.

For many, ice caves are something of an elusive secret that the ice loves to keep to itself, but when you get lucky, the glaciers open up to reveal its rich layers of history in the form of these cave systems.

Some of the most famous caves of recent years such as the Crystal Ice Cave or Diamond Ice Cave have come and gone, as each year with glacial movement, each day is as unique as the last.

A glacier guide in red jacket touching an ice wall inside the ice cave.

Many Glaciers = Many Caves

As Iceland is home to multiple glaciers, you can find all sorts of varying cave systems, from small intimate tunnel-like caves, to large openings that feel like they could swallow a house whole.

The uniqueness of each glacier across Iceland makes every cave special, and with the layers of ice laced with  volcanic ash from ancient eruptions you truly get to see these bookmarks of time on display.

As these caves come in all different shapes and sizes, sometimes you have to work a little to get the reward of witnessing these ice sculptures, most commonly by foot, walking over the glacier outlet to reach the elusive caves.  Depending on where you end up going, these hikes can be a little more demanding but worth the prize at the end.



Feeling up to the Challenge?

Depending on your level of ability, there are many ice cave tours to be found across Iceland. 

From easy short hikes to the caves of Katlajökull, to the more demanding hikes in the Skaftafell region, you can find a tour that works for your sense of adventure, and your itinerary.

Our friendly staff at Skaftafell were feeling lucky a few weeks ago, and after a long hike they were rewarded with a brand new cave system on Virkisjökull which we have christened as the Marble Ice Cave. This is available on our Ice Cave - Only the Brave tour, which provides a longer glacier hike on one of Iceland's most impressive glaciers, before taking you to see the impressive marble-like ice.


Enjoy the sense of adventure and take a look at the gallery below, and check out the related tours to give yourself the chance to visit one of these other-worldy wonders.

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