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Volcanic Trails - Part 1 - Women only!

Join an group of like minded women on this great trail. First 8 to book this tour will receive a quality 38+10 l. day pack from Mountain Equipment at the beginning of the trek!

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Volcanic Trails - Part 1 - Women only!

Women Exploring Epic Icelandic Wilderness

Trek through on of Iceland’s greatest volcanic regions in the mesmerizing highlands with likeminded women. From the graceful peak of Sveinstindur by lake Langisjór, the trail goes along the glacial river Skaftá and then follows the impressive Eldgjá volcanic fissure along the Strútur trail to lake Álftavatn. Enjoy the silence and pure nature in this area of the country where you are likely to not see another person, besides the other women in your trekking group.

First 8 to book this tour will receive a quality 38 +10 l. day pack from Mountain Equipment at the beginning of the trek!

Check out our Volcanic Trails video from the first 3 days of the trek


Tour Overview

  • Transport

    Private transport

  • Group size

    5 - 14 participants

  • Language


  • Accommodation

    Mountain huts

  • Walking per day

    3 - 8 hrs

  • Total Distance

    90 km (56 mi)

  • Difficulty



    Suites those that are physically active and have some background in basic traveling in mountainous terrain with a backpack. 6-7 hrs walks per day.

  • Availability


  • Duration

    7 days

  • 16

    Minimum age:

    16 yrs

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Tour Highlights


  • Experienced and qualified guide
  • Mountain hut sleeping bag accommodation in dormitories
  • Transport at the beginning and end of trek
  • Breakfast (6), Lunch (7), Dinner (6)
  • Transfer of luggage

Not Included

  • Sleeping bag
  • Showers in huts (payable on site)

Optional Extras

  • Sleeping bag
  • Accommodation in Reykjavík before and after the tour

Tour Map and Itinerary

Click map for detailed itinerary

Volcanic Trails - Part 1 - Women only!


Day 1

Reykjavík - Sveinstindur (The Explorer’s Peak)

You'll meet your female guide, a representative from Icelandic Mountain Guides, and the other women in your group at 07:30 at BSI central bus terminal at Vatnsmýrarvegur 10. Our transport takes us along highland tracks to Mt Sveinstindur by lake Langisjór. This is one of Iceland’s most beautiful lakes.  After climbing the peak for some amazing views over the mountains and up to Vatnajökull glacier, we descend to a traditional hut on the other side to rest for the evening. Rustic hut, outhouse and no showers.
Distance: 6 km (4 mi)
Ascent/Descent: 480 m (1574 ft)

Day 2

Sveinstindur - Skaftá - Skælingar

Following the river Skaftá, with rapids and waterfalls, the trail leads to the small and impressive canyon of Hvanngil. The landscape is truly volcanic, black lava, green moss, and different rock formations. At the end of the day you arrive in the magical Skælingar area, an ancient lava forest close to the riverbed of Skaftá. Rustic hut, outhouse and no showers.
Distance: 16 - 18 km (10 - 11 mi)
Walking time: 6 - 8 hrs
Ascent/Descent: 250 m (820 ft)

Day 3

Skælingar - Gjátindur - Eldgjá - Hólaskjól

After packing up, we start the day’s hike leading to the Canyon of Fire - Eldgjá. A slow descent into the canyon allows us time to enjoy this remarkable place and its many wonders. We'll end the day with a hike to huts at nearby Hólaskjól, where we spend the night after having completed the first section of the Volcanic Trails. Comfortable hut, WC and showers available.
Distance: 18 km (11 mi)
Walking time: 6 - 8 hrs
Ascent/Descent: 350 m (1150 ft)

Day 4

Hólaskjól - Áftavötn

We head out on the second part of the trail toward the lakes of Álftavötn. Hiking through green hills, we follow the river Syðri Ófæra. At Álftavötn, we find a traditional hut where we spend the night. The tranquility of this magical place is amazing and this is really a great spot to recharge. Rustic hut, outhouse, no showers.
Distance: 7 - 10 km (4 - 6 mi)
Walking time: 5 - 6 hrs
Ascent/Descent: 150 m (492 ft)

Day 5

Álftavötn - Strútur

Today, we continue along the river Syðri Ófæra and cross the Canyon of Fire, Eldgjá. The landscape changes from green meadows to black sands with bright green streaks of moss. Along the way, we come to the natural pool Strútslaug, right after fording the river Hólmsá.  After warming up and relaxing in the pool, we conclude the day’s trek in Strútur, where we spend the night. Comfortable hut, WC and showers available.
Distance: 24 km (15 mi)
Walking time: 7 - 8 hrs
Ascent/Descent: 300 m (984 ft)

Day 6

Strútur - Hvanngil

Leaving the comfortable, hut we set out for the day's trek along the Mýrdalssandur, the black volcanic sand plain. We need to cross some of the rivers and we recommend having your river crossing shoes ready. The mystical landscape of Hvanngil valley greets us and we are yet amazed at the wonders of the Icelandic landscape. Comfortable hut, WC and showers available.
Distance: 14 - 18 km (9 - 11 mi)
Walking time: 5 - 6 hrs
Ascent/Descent: 150 m (492 ft)

Day 7

Hvanngil (Álftavatn) - Reykjavík

After breakfast, we pack our things and get ready for the day's hike exploring the side trails of the Laugavegur hiking trail. We proceed along the river Kaldaklofskvísl, admiring the eerie green Stórasúla mountain on the other side. The river winds along and after a climb up the small pass of Brattháls we see lake Álftavatn “Swan lake”. Here you get picked up by our driver who will take you back to your accommodation in Reykjavík. Your guide and the hikers continuing on the extended part of the Volcanic Trails will head to the rest in a hut in the area. You can expect to arrive in Reykjavík around 19:00 in the evening.
Distance: 5 - 7 km (3 - 4 mi)
Walking time: 3 - 4 hrs
Ascent/Descent: 300 m (984 ft)

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Practical Information

Facilities (showers, wc, water, accommodation, electricity)

  • Will we be able to shower on the trek?

You can shower in the huts that have showers available, some huts do not have any shower facilities. Where showers are available there is a small fee to use them.


  • How are the toilet facilities?

Some huts have flushable toilets others have outhouses.  


  • Will the huts have running water?

There will be running cold water in all the huts. You will need to heat water to get hot water.


  • Do the mountain huts have dormitory rooms/private rooms?

The mountain huts have no private rooms available, all rooms are dormitories.


  • Do I need to bring my own cooking equipment?

No, the huts have a fully equipped kitchen.


  • Can I charge my phone/camera in the hotels/huts?

We recommend bringing a power bank to charge your electronic devices. The huts do not have electricity. There is a slight chance the wardens will be able to charge for you for a fee of ISK 500.


  • Sleeping bags can be rented from Icelandic Mountain Guides at some extra cost.
  • I am a vegetarian/vegan/gluten intolerant, will there be a food option for me, what is it?

Special dietary supplement, such as vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, gluten free or other supplements, can be ordered at some extra cost. The supplement will include meals that meet the requirements of your diet.

  • The date I want to book is not available, can I still request to book?

If a date is not available it either fully booked or not offered on that date. You are welcome to contact us for a private tour if you cannot join on an available date. Please email [email protected] to request a private tour.