Iceland First Day of Summer

Purple flowers starting to bloom in early spring whit a little bit of snow still in the garden

Icelanders get an early jump on summer. According to the formerly-used Old Norse Calendar, the year is divided into two seasons: winter and summer, resulting in an April-start for the season. Each year, the first Thursday after April 18th marks the first day of summer, or Sumardagurinn fyrsti. This year, April 24th is the magical day that Icelanders have marked on their 2014 calendars.

People parading because of first day of summer with a band walking in front

The beginning of summer in Iceland doesn’t exactly boast hot, “summery” weather, however, it is the time of the year when an explosion of color and blooming flowers emerge from a long, grey winter. It’s no wonder the first day of summer is highly anticipated – so much so, it is deemed a public holiday. Gift-giving and parades are a part of Icelandic tradition to welcome the new, vibrant season.

Sumardagurinn fyrsti is a primetime opportunity for visitors to take part in the cultural experience that surrounds this long-awaited holiday. There are a multitude of celebrations sprinkled over various parts of Iceland that guests can attend, from festivals and attractions, to art galleries, museums, and sporting events (just to name a few!) Above all, it is an amazing time for a Icelandic Mountain Guides tour! Book yours today and take in all the spectacular scenery that summertime in Iceland has to offer. Cheers!

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