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It is not difficult to figure out why hiking is such a popular activity in Iceland. Hiking trails run across valleys, fjords, and other volcanic formations. Most people already know that hiking is physically demanding, like walking for hours with a backpack full of heavy supplies. Carrying a heavy load and walking for kilometers in the wild but stunning Icelandic territory are reasons why hikers should learn how to stay safe during their treks.

We at Iceland Mountain Guides, like to go on breathtaking hikes across the sceneries of Iceland. But as Iceland is a rough country, and accidents can happen, we need to be safely prepared before going hiking and take precautions.

Here is your checklist for a safe holiday in Iceland:

  • Be aware of your own capacities, do not try to hike Landmannalaugar without preparations.

  • Make a travel plan and let other people know about it. Why not leave a copy of it at your hotel?

  • Don't try to overdo it. For most people, 3,5 km/h is enough.

  • Check the weather forecast. Be aware that the weather can change quickly in Iceland.

  • Be sure to have the correct gear for your hike.

  • Learn how to use a map, compass, and GPS and have them with you.

  • If you stay in lodges, write your name and dates in the guest book, it will help the search and rescue teams in case you get lost.

  • Be sure to check The Icelandic Road Administration

  • If you are in need of assistance, don't hesitate to call the 112 emergency line.

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