Health and Safety Guidelines for COVID-19:  Summer 2020 Glacier Walks, Ice Climbing and similar day tours

Icelandic Mountain Guides is doing everything we can to minimize the risk of infections on our tours so you can enjoy your adventure with an ease of mind.

We have gone through all our tours operations with the safety of our guests and staff in mind and and this is what we are doing in order to keep locations, transport vehicles and gear clean and sanitised.

On our tours, our staff members have a responsibility to enforce safety measures to minimise the possibility of spreading COVID-19, benefiting themselves, our guests and the local population.

On our day tours that do not require coveralls or balaclavas the following guidelines apply:

  • Helmets and ice axes are sprayed with sanitiser after each tour.
  • In addition to regular cleaning we are surface cleaning and using sanitisers on all our transport vehicles after each tour.
  • Hand sanitisers are made available in all our sales offices and on all our buses for our guests to use.
  • Our staff performs regular surface cleaning and sanitation at our sales offices.
  • While our staff and guides are happy to see you we ask them to greet you with a smile, not a handshake.

Additional measures following new regulations set out by the Icelandic Government, still in effect since July 31st:

  • When assisting with fitting of safety gear/clothing, our team will wear a face mask and gloves when in close proximity.
  • In Skaftafell we operate a shuttle service from our sales house to the glacier, in this bus, wearing a mask will be mandatory.
  • If customers feel more at ease self driving to the glacier, following our vehicle, they are more than welcome to do so.
  • If you do not have a single use mask with you and will be riding the shuttle service, you can purchase one from Icelandic Mountain Guides.
  • Masks are available at all of our locations, as these are intended for use on the tour, we are limiting the sale of masks to one per person. Cost of a mask is 300ISK.
  • More about the new restrictions from the government here.

More about our response to Covid-19

Useful information:

COVID-19 hotline tel.: 1700

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