Health and Safety Guidelines - Multi-day Tours in Huts & Hotels

(Updated June 28th, 2021)

The following guidelines are based on information presented by the ATTA[1] and by the Icelandic Directorate of Health [IDH][2].   

These guidelines take into account the expectations of our foreign guests, whilst taking consideration of the risks COVID-19 is posing in Iceland. Guests and the local population alike must keep their guard by following measures to help continue to suppress the spread of COVID-19 or other infections..

On our tours, our staff members have a responsibility to enforce safety measures to minimise the possibility of spreading infections of all sorts, benefiting themselves, our guests and the local population.

In order to do this they will:

  • In addition to regular cleaning we are surface cleaning and using sanitisers on all our transport vehicles after each tour.
  • Hand sanitisers are made available on all busses and during meals. Our guides carry hand sanitiser and biodegradable soap on all hikes. 
  • Performs regular surface cleaning and sanitation on buses as often as possible.
  • Bothy bags (emergency shelters) are only used in emergencies – not for comfort e.g. in case of rain etc.
  • Please note that the use of protective gear when working in close proximity is optional unless advised other ways by IDH.


  • Disinfectant spray is to be used frequently on tables and other contact surfaces, and always before meals and meal preparation. Hand sanitiser is made available to all guests in meal areas and toilets.
  • Dishtowels and tablecloths are swapped out daily.
  • Hand soap available and guests encouraged to clean hands regularly, after WC and before meals.


  • The hotel is responsible for maintaining clean facilities. Any concern about cleaning standards should be communicated to the guide who will then make sure with hotel staff that the standards are met.


More about our response to Covid-19

Useful information:

COVID-19 hotline tel.: 1700



[1] ATTA Guidelines for COVID-19 19 issued on the 23rd of June 2020.


A group of hikers getting ready for the Laugavegur trek in from of the the brown mountain hut at Landmannalaugar under a blue sky
Jan Zelina
The hut at Landmannalaugar