Glacier Walks

When we created the Glacier Walk in Iceland in 1994, our goal was to offer fun and safe adventures for all. We are proud to continue that legacy by providing a variety of tours led by experienced and certified glacier guides. We can transport you from Reykjavík or you can meet us on location in Skaftafell National Park by Vatnajokull or at Sólheimajökull on the south coast.


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Glacier Hike in Iceland: a man dressed in yellow and a woman in purple standing in on a glacier in Skaftafell in Iceland
Björgvin Hilmarsson
On a Glacier Hike in Skaftafell

Since 1994, Icelandic Mountain Guides has been Iceland's leading glacier tour operator. We offer a broad and exciting range of glacier tours for all skill levels and durations from three locations: From Reykjavík, on Sólheimajokull in South Iceland and in Skaftafell in Vatnajokull National park in the south east.

All tours include basic safety equipment. Our expert guides are highly trained in safety and first aid, and they are bursting with interesting information about Iceland that they can't wait to share with you.


Glacier Walks from Reykjavík

Glacier Day Tours give you a chance to view, feel, and even taste (yes, we said it!) these spectacular phenomena. On our Glacier Tours, you don‘t just see the glacier. We give you a pair of crampons, an axe, a harness and some rope and take you for a walk on the ice field: peer into a moulin or drink the crystal clear meltwater. The tours give you a real up close experience with those frozen giants, with transfer to and from the capital. 

Approximately 11% of Iceland is covered with glaciers, and owing to logistics and road access, Iceland is probably the best place in the world to see these frozen giants. The biggest glaciers in Iceland are also the easiest to reach from the capital Reykjavík: there is only about a two hour drive to the fourth biggest glacier in the south of Iceland. Glacier Day tours from Icelandic Mountain Guides give a chance to view, feel and even taste these spectacular phenomena.


Glacier Walks from Sólheimajökull

Are you driving the Ring Road on the south coast and want to stop in for a tour along the way? Then you will find your adventure one our our South Iceland Bases at Sólheimajökull or Mýrdalsjökull. Stop by our meeting point at the glacier and catch one of our daily glacier hikes or in summer try a kayak tour on the lagoon in front of the glacier. The Mýrdalsjökull base is the starting point for snowmobile and ATV / Quad bike tours on the black sand beaches below.  


Glacier Walks from Skaftafell

The Skaftafell National Park is about 5 hours drive from Reykjavík. In Skaftafell we have a sales office close to the the Visitor Centre which is the starting point for our tours there. The Glacier Walks are the most popular tours all year round. They come in different length and difficulty and are available from the age of 10 years. In winter glacier hike with an Ice Cave visit become travellers' favourite choice.

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